Bail Bond Conditions that You Should Know About

Bail Bond Conditions that You Should Know About

Okay so you have been arrested, but now a family member has shown up with the bail money that you need.  This is great right?

Well not exactly, depending on your crime and your history you may have certain “bond conditions” if you wish to use bail bonds to get out of jail.

What are bail bond conditions?

Again, bail conditions are different per every person and every company.  It’s important that you know what chances you are taking when making bail.

Conditions that are always imposed:

  • An understanding to appear in court.  – Just because you have paid to get out of jail doesn’t mean that your out of the wrong.  This simply means you are free of jail time up until the court date.
  • An understanding to keep the court updated of residential address.  – This may sound silly but a court needs to stay updated on your updated address.  So if you happen to move or relocate it’s up to you to inform them of your change of address.

Other conditions that may be applied.

  • That you surrender your passport.
  • That you go under house arrest.
  •  That you are restricted to going certain places.
  •  That you are restricted from talking or interfering in the lives of certain people.

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