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What Exactly Is A Bail Bond?

A person, who is facing criminal charges in court, can guarantee by paying money, on the basis that they will appear in court when called upon. This is known as a surety bond or a bail bond. After they post the bond, the accused person is free to leave, but will have to show up at the court hearing.

How Is The Bail Money Decided?

The bail amount is set by the court, however; a lot of people want to get out instantly, instead of waiting for a judge for three days for the bail. The bail money in some jails is fixed according to certain guidelines that outline specific bail amounts.

How Do You Define Collateral?

When something valuable is kept a bail agent, for guaranteeing the appearance of the defendant in court, it is known as collateral. You can keep a bank account, a car, or even real estate as collateral, while in some cases the signature of a co-signor will also be needed.

Is The Collateral Ever Returned?

The bail bond agents are the ones legally responsible for safekeeping of the collateral. If the defendant does appear in court, the collateral will be returned at the completion of the case, regardless of whether they are found guilty or innocent. The fee for the bail agent will not be returned, since it is a payment made for services acquired irrespective of the result of the case.

What Information Should I Give To A Bail Bond Agent?

When you’re providing information to a bail bond agent, make sure that you offer the following details:

  • Full name of the defendant
  • Where he has been kept in custody
  • The name of the city
  • The name of the state
  • The name of the jail
  • The booking number

By providing the above mentioned information you will help the bail bond agent immensely and save a lot of time as well.

How Much Money Is Needed For Bail?

If you’re unable to make bail, your bail agent will provide the money for it by contacting the jail. As soon as you find out about the bail amount, the agent will inform you about how much money is needed for bail, and whether there are additional details required for the immediate release of the defendant.

How Fast Can You Get Released On Bond From Jail?

The time it takes for the release of a person being held in jail is generally comes down to the competence of the local jail. Most police stations take about an hour for release after bail is posted, but the time period for county jails is usually between three to eight hours. Federal facilities take about two to three hours, while immigration can take about six hours.

What If The Defendant Doesn’t Appear In Court?

If the defendant is a risk of fleeing the country, city, or state, then you should get in touch with the bondsman in order to discuss all available options. If the defendant doesn’t appear in court, they are deemed to be fugitives, and will have a bench warrant issued to arrest them. The bail bond agent will then have to try and find the fugitive in order to get them back into custody.

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