Bail Bondsman or Bounty Hunter? What Do You Need?

Bail Bondsman or Bounty Hunter? What Do You Need?

As a bail bondsman, believe it or not we often get confused with bounty hunters. We both deal with criminals, so we’re the same right?

Bounty Hunters and Bail Bondsman are completely different jobs, and as Bail Bondsman we often find ourselves servicing Bounty Hunters who are completely different.

Though we both deal with potential criminals and fugitives it’s important to understand the differences between them and what they do, because you never know when you’re going to find yourself needing one or the other.

As we define these two professions, please keep in mind that each state has their own laws on each of these types of careers and that their job specifications may be a bit different from where you reside.

Bail Bondsman – A Bail Bondsman is someone who helps you make your bail bonding payments. When arrested an individual usually is given a bail which is a sum of money that her or she can put up, to escape imprisonment up until the date of court. This industry in particular is highly regulated and in certain states bondsman can only take a certain percentage of the bond as their income.

Bounty Hunter – A Bounty Hunter is someone who goes after those who have failed to show up to court for a monetary award. They can often go by many names including bail agent and recovery agent, but they are usually known as a bounty hunter. Bounty hunters are usually employed by bail bondsman who are looking for criminals who have jumped bail. Because bail bondsman are seeking individuals for re-arrest, bounty hunters can usually enter the homes of people without a warrant and are not mandated by typical laws.

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