Bounty Hunter Rules for Bail Bondsman

Bounty Hunter Rules for Bail Bondsman

As a Bail Bondsman, part of our job is to believe you and take a chance on you. This means we trust you to pay us back, when you get out of jail and trust that you’ll show up to court since it’s our responsibility that you will.  However sometimes when that trust is broken, we sometimes have to result to extreme circumstances. One of those extreme circumstances means hiring a Bounty Hunter. But what is a Bounty Hunter?

We think most people know what a Bounty Hunter is at this point, from people like Dog the Bounty Hunter and the short-lived Renegade TV show of the ’90s, but for those unaware a Bounty Hunter is someone who captures fugitives for monetary rewards. However it’s not just as easy to hire a bounty hunter. The mere presence of hiring a bounty hunter is different per state and can sometimes be a long process for a bail bondsman.

Bail Bondsman in North Carolina

As mentioned every state has different rules in regards to Bail Bondsman. The state North Carolina has restricted the use of bounty hunters to just Bail Bond Runners.

This means according to the state of North Carolina, a bail bond runner acts as a sort of partial bounty hunter but is withheld to certain rules. For example, he or she must take a variety of classes to be certified to be a Bail Bond runner and has to be employed by a Bail Bondsman and can’t act independently.

A Bail Bond Runner:

  • Assists the bail bondsman in preventing a defendant in court
  • Keeps a defendant under surveillance
  • Executes bonds on behalf of bail bonds

As you can note bounty hunters in particular in the state of NC aren’t as glamorous as the TV makes them but they do serve their purpose and we do have to count on them from time to time.

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