How to Bail Someone Out of Jail?

How to Bail Someone Out of Jail?

Okay, so someone you know has been arrested. No matter if you think that they are guilty or not, they need someone to help bail them out of jail. Here are some tips for bailling those that need it, out of jail.

  1. Find Out Where They Are. People can get arrested for a variety of matters and reasons and it’s important to know where they are. There are a variety of jails within a 50 mile radius alone in Raleigh, so it’s important that you find out where they are being held.
  2. Find Out Their Bail. Once you find where they are it’s important, that you find out the price of their bail. Usually the bail is posted by the judge and depends on a variety of factors including type of crime and criminal record.
  3. Look For a Bail Bondsman. If you can’t afford bail up front, you will need to review and see a bail bondsman. Searching for a bail bondsman might be a bit more difficult than you think. Often times there will be a list at the jail that you can use but you might need to go online to find the bondsman that is right for you. No matter who you use as your bondsman, be sure to look for references and reviews of the person.
  4. Negotiate a Rate. Once you’ve found a bail bondsman, have him visit your loved one and get him out of jail. You might need to negotiate a pay-rate, but once that’s done he or she should be able to handle the rest in 24 hrs.

Following these steps will ensure that all of the process has been done in getting your loved one out of jail and that everything is okay.

Looking for a Raleigh Bail Bondsman?

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